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Sinkhole Repair in Huntsville, AL

When you imagine a sinkhole, how large do you think it can grow? Is it just a small nuisance? Or could it completely destroy your home? In the end, both of these scenarios are possible. United Structural Systems, a trusted organization of sinkhole experts, can handle any kind of sinkhole repair in Huntsville.

What is a Sinkhole?

To understand a sinkhole, you first need to visualize a boulder, or large rock, hidden beneath your soil. Groundwater flows over the rock and it eventually erodes. This creates a sinkhole.

As the rock becomes less and less solid, it leaves behind a void. Inevitably, soil will fall into this space, and as more soil is washed away, the empty space moves towards the surface.

How Do Sinkholes Form in Huntsville, AL?

Sinkhole formation is especially common if the base rock is made from soluble limestone and/or dolostone. This, combined with heavy rains and droughts can quickly cause sinkhole formation. Sinkholes can form anywhere due to the natural features in the karst region, and they can also be caused by poor drainage planning and inappropriate grading. Our team in Huntsville provide sinkhole repair services in the local area.

Sinkhole Warning Signs

There are some warning signs to watch for if you suspect sinkholes on your property. You may notice trees or fence posts tilting, depressions in the ground, or cracks forming on the topsoil. These could all be signs of a developing sinkhole.

There are other signs that your property is sinking. If you see cracks in foundations of buildings or notice a sudden, rapid appearance of an opening in the ground, this could be a telltale sign of a sinkhole. Don’t wait, contact USS in Huntsville for a sinkhole inspection and repair service.

How We Repair Sinkholes

The inverted cone filter repair is the most common solution when you call our sinkhole experts in Huntsville. First, we excavate the sinkhole and pack the area with appropriate-sized rocks. Then we line the excavated space with nongovernmental geotextile cloth.

The sinkhole will then be filled with #57 fine gravel and compacted. After that, the geotextile cloth is laid on top of the gravel. We then use the soil from excavation to cover it. We may also need to direct water sources away from the affected area.

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