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Over time, the structural elements of a building, including its brickwork and lintels, can become damaged due to moisture infiltration and the settling or shifting of its foundation. This can lead to cracks in the brickwork, sagging or cracking of lintels, and other issues that compromise the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the building. When left unaddressed, these problems can worsen and potentially lead to more serious safety issues that are costlier to resolve. Engaging a professional as soon as you notice signs of brickwork or lintel damage can consequently save you money and stress while ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants.  

For over 25 years, United Structural Systems has served over 25,000 homeowners and businessowners, earning our community’s trust and satisfaction as well as countless 5-star reviews. Our Huntsville brick and lintel repair experts will address any underlying causes of brickwork and lintel damage before restoring your façade to optimum condition. Our local, family-operated company always puts the customer first, which is why we never try to sell you unnecessary work and always guarantee our best. No matter the extent of your home’s brickwork or lintel damage, we will leverage our experience and resources to get the job done right the first time.

Do not wait to get in touch with a professional if you see cracking brickwork or a sagging garage door lintel. Contact us online or call (615) 307-9510 to request a free estimate today!

Why Are My House’s Bricks Cracking and Crumbling?

If you notice sections of your brickwork are cracking or crumbling, you should not assume the issue is merely cosmetic or the result of normal wear and tear. In many cases, moisture infiltration or foundation problems are to blame. 

If excessive moisture gets into the pores of the bricks, it can cause them to expand and contract, which can lead to cracking, spalling, or crumbling of the bricks over time. Additionally, moisture can cause metal lintels or other structural elements that support the brickwork to rust, which can lead to sagging or cracking of the brickwork above. Moisture infiltration can also lead to efflorescence, a white powdery substance that forms on the surface of bricks due to salt deposits from evaporating water. This can be unsightly and potentially weaken the structural integrity of the bricks if left unaddressed.

When a foundation settles, shifts, or fails, it can lead to cracks in the brickwork above. These cracks may appear as stair-step patterns or horizontal breaks and can allow moisture to infiltrate the bricks, leading to further damage over time. Foundation problems can also cause brickwork to sag or bulge, which can be unsightly and potentially dangerous if ignored for too long. If the foundation problem is not corrected, it could lead to more serious structural issues that could compromise the safety and stability of the entire building.

A patchwork approach to brickwork repair may temporarily restore the appearance of your home’s façade, but any improvements will in all likelihood be reversed if the underlying problem has not been resolved. Our Huntsville brick and lintel pair services include both restoration efforts as well as fixes for water infiltration and foundation issues. 

How Tuckpointing Repairs Damaged Bricks

Tuckpointing is the process we use to repair and restore damaged brickwork after we have taken care of the root cause of the deterioration. This technique involves removing the old mortar from between the bricks and replacing it with new mortar that matches the color and finish of the existing brickwork. By using two different colors of mortar, we can create the appearance of uniform brickwork even if some of the bricks are newly replaced. The decorative line created by the second layer of mortar also helps to further mask any visual differences between old and new bricks, making repairs look as seamless as possible while accomplishing the practical task of preventing further damage caused by water infiltration.

At USS, we do not want to sell you a repair that will not work long-term, which is why we do not offer tuckpointing as a standalone service. Instead, we include tuckpointing with our foundation repair solutions so that your home or commercial building can get the comprehensive approach it needs to look as good as new – and stay that way. 

How Do I Know If My Garage Door Lintel Is Damaged?

A garage door lintel is a horizontal support beam, typically made of steel or concrete, that sits above the garage door opening. This crucial component helps evenly distribute the weight of the wall, roof, and brickwork located above it. The lintel plays an important role in supporting the structure of the building, as well as preventing damage to the garage door itself. Without a proper lintel, the weight of the wall and roof could cause the garage door frame to sag or even collapse over time. This could lead to safety hazards, structural problems, and expensive repairs, which is why it is important to periodically inspect your lintel for signs of damage.

Specifically, you should consider calling our Huntsville brick and lintel repair experts if you notice cracks forming above or near your garage door. This is an early sign of damage that may be caused by moisture or foundation settling, and taking action now can help you avoid the need for more expensive repairs. You should call our professionals as quickly as possible if your lintel or the garage door frame begins to visibly sag, as this is an indicator of advanced damage that must be promptly addressed.

How We Repair or Replace Damaged Garage Door Lintels

The scope and severity of the damage will determine whether a garage door lintel can be repaired or will need total replacement. Minor damage caused by corrosion may allow us to repair the existing lintel by reinforcing it with steel plates, lag bolts, or angle brackets. More significant damage may call for a replacement, in which we will need to remove any bricks or masonry above the garage door opening and carefully remove the old lintel. Then, we will install a new lintel using the appropriate anchors and bolts. Once the new lintel is in place, we will replace removed bricks or masonry and ensure that everything is properly aligned and secured.

USS offers financing plans for brick and lintel repair work and will not ask you for payment until the job is done. Contact us online or call (615) 307-9510 to learn more and request your free estimate!

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