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Nashville Sinking and Settling Foundation Repair

Sinking and Settling Foundation Repair Services in Nashville and Bowling Green

Foundation settlement is one of the most common issues that we see in our work here at United Structural Systems (USS). Various conditions under and around your structure can lead to sinking or uneven weight distribution over time. And as your foundation settles, it can result in a loss of stability and integrity. If you ignore the settling in your home or commercial building, you could be faced with serious problems in the long run, including water intrusion, moisture damage, insect infestation, loss of energy efficiency, and even structural collapse.

At USS, our Nashville sinking and settling foundation repair experts work with homeowners and business owners to repair and restore damaged foundations throughout Tennessee. Our trusted foundation repair company has been around for nearly 30 years, and our dedicated professionals are well-versed in the unique challenges that our local climate and soil present to foundations and other building structural components. Foundation settlement is an unfortunate reality that many people will likely face, but our crew can provide durable, long-lasting solutions to these issues. Depending on what we find in our assessment of your property, we may suggest things like pier systems or underpinning to restore your building to safety. No matter the current condition of your foundation, you can count on us to fix it.

We offer transferable, no-hassle lifetime warranties on our foundation repair services, so contact us online or call (615) 307-9510 to request a free estimate today! 

Common Signs of Foundation Settlement Problem

A foundation settlement issue may not be obvious at first, and you may not notice a crack in your foundation for months or even years after it first appears. The damage foundation settlement can cause tends to be cumulative, however, and grows more severe over time, which is why it is important to watch out for warning signs.

Consider giving us a call if you notice any of the following symptoms commonly associated with foundation settlement problems:

  • Drywall cracks. Detectable dry cracks tend to form in the upper levels of your home or building and often can be located near drywall seams and the corners of door and window frames. 
  • Slab floor cracking. While some small cracks are normal “shrinkage” cracks and may not be cause for alarm, larger, growing cracks can indicate serious foundation complications that require immediate attention. In some cases, a slab floor will rise or lower independently of the adjacent foundation walls, which will harm the floor but not always the walls. 
  • Stair-step cracking. Stair-step cracking is a common type of foundation issue that occurs when the mortar joints between bricks or concrete blocks start to deteriorate, causing the wall to shift and crack in a stair-step pattern. This type of cracking is usually caused by soil settlement or improper drainage, which puts pressure on the foundation and causes it to move.
  • Sticking doors and windows. As a building’s foundation shifts, it can cause the frames around its doors and windows to become misaligned, leading to difficulty opening and closing them or even causing them to stick or jam. 
  • Tilting chimneys. A leaning chimney is one of the most obvious indicators of a settling foundation, and this phenomenon can occur regardless of whether the chimney is built on a footer connected to the rest of the home or the building’s foundation. Ignoring a tilting chimney and the underlying foundation issue can lead to gas leaks, falling debris, and other consequences.

The sooner you address a potential foundation problem, the better. Our Nashville sinking and settling foundation repair experts can thoroughly assess your property and advise whether there is an issue that requires action. We won’t sell you an unnecessary repair and will be transparent if you have nothing to worry about. 

Repairing a Sinking and Settling Foundation

When it comes to repairing a settling foundation, various methods can be used depending on the severity of the issue, the type of foundation, and environmental factors. At USS, we tailor our approach to the unique circumstances of your property, and we will always walk you through the nature of the underlying problem, what caused it, and why the solution is what the solution is. 

Our Nashville sinking and settling foundation repair experts have experience implementing a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Foundation helical piers. Foundation helical piers are a type of underpinning method that consists of steel shafts with helix-shaped plates that are screwed into the ground beneath the foundation until they reach stable soil or bedrock. This provides additional support for the foundation and can help lift it back to its original position. Helical piers are often used in situations where traditional underpinning methods may not be feasible, such as in areas with limited access or where soil conditions are particularly challenging. They can also be installed relatively quickly and with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.
  • Foundation push piers. Foundation push piers consist of steel tubes that are driven into the ground beneath the foundation until they hit bedrock or stable soil. Hydraulic jacks are then used to lift the foundation back to its original position and secure it in place. Push piers are often used in situations where helical piers may not be suitable, such as in areas with very dense soil or where there is a need for deeper support. They also have the advantage of being adjustable, allowing for fine-tuning of the foundation's position and level after installation.
  • Slab pier systems. Slab pier systems are used to repair settling concrete slabs. These systems consist of steel piers driven into the ground beneath the slab and attached to it with brackets. The piers are then adjusted to lift the slab back to its original position and provide additional support. Slab pier systems are often used in situations where traditional foam injection and outdated mudjacking methods may be ineffective, such as when there is significant soil erosion or poor soil conditions. Professionals can typically install these systems with ease and speed, causing little disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Call the Experts at United Structural Systems to Fix Settlement Issues

When you notice any concerning indicators of foundation settlement, reach out to our team at USS right away. One of our highly trained professionals is happy to inspect your property for free, and, if repairs are needed, you will not usually be required to pay until the job is done and you are satisfied with our work. 

We offer financing plans and accept all major credit cards. Call (615) 307-9510 or contact us online today!

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