Stop Moist Air from Entering the Crawlspace Access Door

Vapor Guard

Does hot, humid air infiltrate your crawlspace in the summer? Does cold air get in the winter and make your floors cold?

When improving your home and crawlspace, the first place you want to start is at the crawlspace access door. Protect your crawlspace from unwanted air and pesky intruders with the USS VaporGuard Access Door and improve these openings. USS will custom-cut the panel to fit your opening with heavy-duty wing bolts and anchors that make it easy to get access to the crawlspace while preventing moisture, insects, and rodents from entering your home.

Learn more by watching the video below with John Lombardi, Division Director for United Structural Systems, Inc.

If you have questions about your crawlspace access door, call United Structural Systems, Inc. at (615) 307-9510

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