How Do I Fix My Crawl Space?


At USS, one question we are asked regularly is: How do I fix my crawl space?

To answer, we first have to look at the main problems in a crawl space and repair options:

Ground Water or Standing Water

If your crawl space has water intrusion, USS installs an interior crawl space water management system. We dig a trench alongside the interior perimeter of your foundation, lay down a perforated sock pipe, drill small weep holes in each block (to relieve water pressure), and then cover the sock pipe with gravel. The system captures water alongside the foundation and routes it to a discharge point (either a gravity drain or sump pump) to prevent water from building up in the crawl space.

Isolate the Home from the Earth

Creating a healthy home starts from the ground up. Crawl spaces are full of moisture which migrates upward into the living area and causes damage to porous materials like wood, concrete, and fiberglass insulation. USS encapsulates your crawl space with a triple-ply woven high-density polyurethane liner across the floor, up walls, and around columns to help block moisture from entering the space.

Seal Off Any Outside Air

As seasons change, you will have air coming in your vents into your crawl space. In the summer, hot, humid air will raise the humidity level in your crawl space which leads to issues with your wood and block walls. By sealing off vents and other areas, you cut down on the outside air entering the space and future damage.

Adding a Dehumidifier

Even with encapsulation and air sealing, the humidity levels in the space are still high enough to cause concerns. To remedy this, USS installs a dehumidifier to dry out your crawl space and regulate humidity levels.

Watch the video below to see how USS can fix your crawl space:

Remember: What’s in your crawl space is also in your home! If you’re concerned with water intrusion or interested in creating a healthier home for you and your family with encapsulation, fill out the form below or call our team at (615) 307-9510 to schedule a free estimate.

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