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FAQs for property managers

  • Does USS guarantee their work?
    We guarantee all of our interior drainage systems and foundation wall repair with lifetime, no-hassle warranties. Call us for more information on guarantees for concrete lifting!
  • How long does USS's concrete repair last?
    The PolyLift system we use for concrete repair is a permanent solution for concrete lifting, unlike the more outdated mudjacking option that some companies still use. The unique polyurethane foam we use to lift concrete back into place is waterproof and very lightweight, meaning it won’t wash out and it won’t sink the way heavy concrete slurry does.
  • What can I expect during a concrete appointment?
    Concrete appointments are straightforward. An experienced Project Manager will discuss the issues with you before they take a look at the affected concrete. They will assess the extent of the damage and determine a course of action that fits your needs and your budget.
  • What can be done about broken concrete caused by tree roots?
    It is actually very rare for tree roots to cause any damage to your concrete, but in the rare case that it does happen, there are options. You can always cut the roots, though this could kill your tree if not done carefully by an experienced professional. Root barriers can be installed once the offending roots have been removed. You can also remove the entire tree.
  • Why does exterior concrete sink?
    Exterior concrete sinks because the soil beneath it has given way. Water saturates the soil, causing it to swell and press upward against the concrete. When the soil dries out, it shrinks again and leaves voids beneath the concrete slab that eventually the concrete falls into.
  • Does USS use mudjacking to level concrete?
    We do not use mudjacking to level concrete. We believe it is an outdated method that doesn’t permanently keep concrete lifted. We use a special polyurethane foam that is much lighter than mudjacking.
  • Can I DIY my concrete repair project?
    Your average hardware store is going to have a lot of different epoxies and other options for DIY concrete crack repair. However, these methods fail to address the underlying cause of your damaged concrete and instead are mostly just giving you a cosmetic repair.
  • How much does concrete repair cost?
    The cost of your concrete repair will vary depending upon how much concrete needs to be lifted and how severe the damage is. The best way to find out the cost is to contact us for a free estimate on our services. We can let you know what solutions will be best and how much it is going to cost.
  • How long does concrete repair take?
    Our preferred method for concrete repair is very fast. The length of time for the entire repair process will vary depending upon how much concrete needs to be repaired. The cure time for our patented PolyLift system is almost immediate.
  • How soon can I use my concrete after it has been repaired?
    We utilize a fast-acting polyurethane foam to perform concrete repairs. Concrete leveled with our PolyLift system can be walked on immediately once the repair has been completed. You can drive on your driveway after just 30 minutes.

See What Property Managers Are Saying About Working With USS

“We had two sidewalks that collapsed on our campus and created a trip hazard and an ADA issue. I placed a call to USS to get a quote on their concrete poly lifting service. The process was quick and the communication was excellent, from the first call until the day of completion. Evan came out and completed our work and our sidewalk is now within compliance and the trip hazard has been eliminated. They saved us THOUSANDS over having to replace the two panels of the sidewalk. Also, when they left, the work site was neat and clean with no evidence they had even been there. As a director of facilities, USS is a partner you need in your contact list. Cannot recommend them enough.” Brad M., Pope John Paul Preparatory School

I don’t usually leave reviews, but Chris Gabrielli with USS is of the highest quality. I’m a superintendent with a national construction company, there are several foundation companies around the Nashville area (I’m sure you’ve seen the billboards) but Chris and USS are the only ones I trust. I, initially, started with a different company that was completely unorganized and unresponsive, the moment I called Chris, all my problems were solved. He is quick to respond, transparent, and explains everything he’s doing or will do in basic language. I can’t recommend him more!”

“As a home inspector, I greatly appreciate the quality of work and professionalism that I see from United Structural Systems. This is a top-notch company that stands behind their work. It is easy for me to recommend to my clients facing potentially costly repairs a company that will provide the best service and the best quality on the market.”

"I almost always can tell, when I get inside a crawlspace or basement, the scope of repair work performed and oftentimes I am dismayed. However, USS has serviced many foundations and structures in my market and I have never, to date, come across a structure documented as being serviced by USS that was deficient in repairs performed, nor in site management. Repairs of this nature are not inexpensive. Consumers need to know what they are paying for and need a guarantee for work performed. From what homeowners have told me, and from what I have seen in my decade-plus tenure, USS is a solid choice for quality."

“Through Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, I have had the pleasure of getting to know United Structural Systems through not only their exceptional level of performance when it comes to all things structural in the residential home market, but also, the level of knowledge that they expect and receive from the professionals they employ. They have presented continuing education to our organization several times through the years and I have never failed to gain a good bit of practical, useful knowledge, as it applies to my profession as a home inspector.”

"Clients that have been directed to USS through members of our organization have had nothing but the highest praise for the skill, professionalism and fair pricing they receive. I would recommend USS any day to a client of mine knowing that their performance will do nothing but reflect well on me as the referring party."

“USS has saved me a lot of time and money. They are honest and fast.”


Hear from happy customers

  • “I am thankful for Ben and USS for the efficiency, professionalism, and skills that they provide to their customers. You forever have a client with me!” Reena P.
  • “Robert Elam with USS is a wealth of knowledge and an incredible asset to all professionals that need this level of expertise in their corner.” Monte Mohr/Owner/Realty ONE Group Music City

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  • Lifetime Guarantee
    At no additional charge, we offer transferable lifetime warranties on our foundation repair and waterproofing services.
  • An Experienced Team

    We’ve worked with over 25,000 customers in Tennessee and Kentucky. Many of our team members have been with us for 5, 10, 15 years or longer.

  • Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews
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  • 25+ Years and Counting
    We’ve been serving residential and commercial customers since 1994.
  • Payment & Financing Options
    We don’t ask for payment until the repairs are completed. We offer financing plans, accept major credit cards and personal checks.
  • We Won't Sell You An Unnecessary Repair
    If your foundation doesn’t need a repair, we’ll let you know.

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