Tips for Planning Concrete Leveling Around the Seasons

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Your job as a realtor is made much easier when every area in the building or property is in top-notch condition. From the roof down to the driveway, every inch of the property requires regular maintenance, which includes repairing and leveling concrete surfaces. It’s an easier process than you think to have your clients take the necessary precautions to level their concrete.

In this article, we’ll discuss planning concrete leveling around the seasons. Continue reading for our expert tips for a smooth repair process and to learn more about why it’s beneficial to schedule concrete leveling before the holidays.

Inspect the Property

Before planning the leveling of the concrete surface, a qualified concrete repair company needs to inspect all concrete and determine its condition. They’ll look for cracks, leaning concrete, uneven surfaces, the root cause, and possible reasons the concrete may need repair. The inspection will help determine the extent of concrete lifting required, any warranties available, and the right time to complete the concrete repair.

Choose the Right Time

Seasonal changes can influence your repair timeline. Not only do the holidays present many social scheduling conflicts, but below-freezing temperatures can affect proper curing of the injected polyurethane foam, commonly used in concrete leveling. The good news is that standard concrete repairs on an average temperature day can be completed and walked on within minutes. So, a sinking front porch step can be lifted and used by guests the same day as long as winter temps remain above freezing.

Scheduling concrete repairs in advance can also speed up any wait time as a result of the high demand for concrete leveling in the Spring. Spring is a popular time for homeowners to prep outdoor areas prior to placing properties on the market. From sidewalks to driveways and porches to pool decks, homeowners can expect a longer wait time in the Spring for scheduling concrete leveling. Therefore, we highly recommend scheduling concrete leveling services before the winter season.

Hire the Right Contractor

Contact a reputable contractor to handle the repairs. Make sure that the company has extensive experience with concrete repairs and can provide a warranty for their work. You should choose a contractor who can work around your schedule. If you plan to list a property during the holidays, then be sure to factor in the time for scheduling repairs before putting up the "For Sale" sign.

Protect Your Investment

Once the concrete leveling is complete, if possible, use sealants to seal the concrete surface. Sealants act as barriers between the surface, climate, and elements to help prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. When this moisture freezes and expands beneath the concrete surface, a condition known as frost heave, the upward movement can cause cracks in concrete. A sealed surface on leveled concrete will help the concrete last longer and reduce the chances of additional concrete cracking due to ice and snow.

Why It Is Important to Schedule Concrete Leveling Ahead of the Holidays

As a realtor, it’s helpful to schedule concrete leveling ahead of the holidays, especially when you expect extra guests and showings.

Here are 5 reasons why we recommend scheduling concrete leveling before winter:

  1. To reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls by eliminating tripping hazards in high-traffic areas
  2. To present a well-maintained property to prospective buyers
  3. To make it easier for visitors to navigate through the property during showings
  4. To avoid scheduling delays due to high demand for repairs in the Spring
  5. To help prevent further damage caused by frost heave and winter weather
  6. To expand the lifespan of the concrete

Schedule a Concrete Inspection Today!

If you're unsure where to start or need guidance on the process, contact United Structural Systems today. With decades of experience leveling and repairing concrete surfaces, we have the expertise to restore functionality to your client’s property before any holiday guests arrive or house showings take place. Whether the concrete is sunken or cracked, we have the tools and products necessary to take care of the problem efficiently and effectively.

Contact our team for concrete leveling solutions such as:

  • Driveway leveling
  • Concrete porch lifting
  • Commercial slab repair
  • Interior slab leveling
  • Patio leveling
  • Concrete pool deck repair
  • Sidewalk and walkway repair
  • Concrete maintenance

There is truly no job too big for our highly trained experts to take on. Put your trust in us and rest assured your property is in excellent hands.

Don’t put off concrete leveling any longer, call (615) 307-9510 to schedule an appointment with United Structural Systems. We can also be reached online.
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