Lifting the Lintel: A One-Day Repair

bowing lintel over garage

Understanding Lintel Issues

Lintels, the supportive beams over doors and windows, can often be the source of structural problems in a property. These issues usually manifest as cracking, sagging, or bowing, which can lead to significant damages if not addressed promptly. While lintel failure is commonly attributed to aging or a building settling, it typically results from inadequate design, improper installation, or erosion of the building materials.

Prior to showing a property, it's helpful for realtors to identify telltale signs that a lintel could need repair. Here's a list of key indicators:

  • Cracks appearing over windows and doors. These often start small and widen over time.
  • Stair step cracks over garage doors and garage door openings.
  • Sagging or bowing of the lintel, which might cause the doors and windows to stick.
  • Rust stains, which signal the corrosion of steel lintels that likely need replacing.
  • Visible displacement of the lintel or the masonry above it.
  • Gaps between the lintel and the masonry, which can allow water ingress, leading to further issues.

Understanding these common issues and being vigilant for these signs can help ensure timely intervention and prevent more costly repairs down the line.

Don't Delay on Lintel Repairs

Delaying lintel repair can have severe consequences for a property. If left unchecked, lintel issues can compromise the structural integrity and safety of the building, leading to potential accidents and damage. Moreover, they can affect the property's value and impede your ability to sell.

The good news is that lintel repair is not the time-consuming project you may assume. While it is a significant repair that should only be handled by professionals (like ours at United Structural Systems), it can be done relatively quickly, typically in just one day.

The basic process for lintel repair includes the following:

  • Inspection: A qualified professional will assess the extent of the damage and identify the cause of cracks in brick or falling lintel.
  • Exposure of the damaged lintel: This involves carefully removing the brickwork above the faulty lintel and exposing any lintel damage.
  • Repairing the lintel: After the damage to the lintel is uncovered, lag bolts may be installed to secure the lintel in its proper place.
  • Rebuilding the masonry: The brickwork is then carefully returned above the lintel and tuckpointed to fill any gaps in mortar joints that may remain.
  • Final checks and clean-up: The repair work is thoroughly inspected for quality, and the site is cleaned up.

Keep in mind that this is a basic overview, and the exact process may vary depending on the specific situation. At United Structural Systems, we have the expertise to handle lintel repairs efficiently and safely. While we do not offer full lintel replacement at this time, typically fully replacing a lintel is only needed for rusted lintels beyond repair. If you suspect a problem with a garage door lintel at any property you represent, we encourage you to reach out to us for an inspection.

When You Need Quality & Reliability, We Are Here

We understand that, as a realtor, you have a lot on your plate; dealing with major property repair issues can be stressful and frustrating. That's where we at United Structural Systems come in. Our team is committed to providing professional and honest guidance to help you navigate property repairs more effectively.

Whether it's a simple project like lintel repair or major foundation problems, we are here to ensure each step is handled with the utmost professionalism and skill. We aim to alleviate your stress while seeking to help your client maintain the structural integrity and value of their properties.

Don't let lintel issues affect your client’s property value; act promptly to help increase the property's longevity and value. Contact our lintel repair team online now to schedule your inspection.

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