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Production Operations Manager

Ricky started with USS on August 26, 2002 at the age of 19, and is now the USS Production Operations Manager. His prior experience includes landscaping, roofing, repairs and a successful tenure here as USS Training Director and project videographer. Ricky attended the NOSSI College of Art and Nashville Tech for graphic design and art which assists him in the production of many USS projects including SOP videos.

Ricky has two children, Aiden and Ellie. In his off time, he enjoys kayak bass fishing with his kiddos, playing drums and guitar, photography, and videography.

Ricky has stayed with USS because he really enjoys the environment of unity that has been created, where everyone works so hard to protect it. “When you start a company based on “The Golden Rule,” you can’t go wrong,” Ricky says. “We offer an avenue for men to be a part of something bigger than themselves—a team. And we teach them how to better themselves along the way, all while offering customers the “Best” our field has to offer.”