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Nashville Commercial Underpinning Services

Stabilizing and Reinforcing Your Commercial Structure

Underpinning is a specialized structural repair method involving the installation of piles driven into the ground below a foundation. The primary purpose of this process is to reach robust enough soil to provide the necessary support for the building. By strategically placing piles beneath the foundation, underpinning aims to stabilize and reinforce the structure.

For commercial properties, underpinning becomes crucial when the existing foundation is no longer strong enough to support the structure adequately. This method serves as a proactive solution to address structural vulnerabilities, reinforcing foundations for the longevity of the commercial building.

Turn to United Structural Systems as your dependable partner in structural repairs. With a proven track record since 1994, we have addressed many structural issues, assisting thousands of satisfied customers. Our commitment extends to offering commercial underpinning services in Nashville and across the US, to give your facility a solid and structurally stable foundation.

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Underpinning Options

A diverse range of underpinning solutions can address various structural issues. Each option serves a specific purpose, offering tailored approaches to reinforce and stabilize foundations. Below, we delve into three underpinning methods—micropiles, helical piles, and push piers—each playing an integral role in the structural integrity of commercial properties.


Micropiles are foundation support elements known for their effectiveness in stabilizing structures. These grouted piles with internal reinforcement serve a critical purpose in areas with limited access. 

The primary function of micropiles is to transfer the load from unstable soil layers to more stable foundation soils, accomplishing this transfer through friction. With their ability to navigate confined spaces, micropiles offer a versatile solution for stabilizing foundations in challenging environments.

Helical Piles

Comprising steel tubes with helical plates at the end, these piles are screwed deep into soil capable of bearing the structural load. Helical piles effectively underpin weakening foundations, and multiple piles are strategically installed to create a robust platform for the structure. 

One of the notable advantages of helical piles is their quick and clean installation process, making them a reliable choice for various soil conditions.

Push Piers

Push piers are a robust foundation repair solution for lifting and stabilizing structures. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, these piers are driven deep into the earth beneath the building, providing essential support. The piers efficiently transfer the weight of the structure to load-bearing soil. Connected by steel brackets, push piers work collaboratively to reinforce and stabilize the foundation. 

Typical scenarios where push piers are employed include foundation settlement, forming a reliable solution for structures facing stability challenges.

Choosing the Right Underpinning Method

When it comes to underpinning, selecting the appropriate method is a critical decision influenced by several key factors. These factors are pivotal in determining whether micropiles, helical piles, or push piers are the ideal solution for a particular scenario.

Factors influencing choice include: 

  • Condition of soil: The type and condition of the soil beneath the structure are fundamental considerations. Different underpinning methods respond differently to various soil conditions, so the chosen solution should be compatible with the specific geological challenges.
  • Accessibility of area needing reinforcement: The accessibility of the site requiring reinforcement is a practical consideration. Micropiles, with their ability to be installed in small spaces, might be the preferred choice where access is limited. On the other hand, helical piles and push piers could be more suitable for larger areas.
  • Age of the structure: The age of the building contributes to the decision-making process. Older facilities may have unique challenges that require a tailored underpinning solution. Understanding the history and condition of the building is crucial for effective structural reinforcement.

Navigating these factors requires a meticulous consultation and assessment process. Our professionals engage in a thorough evaluation of the structural concerns. This involves on-site inspections, soil analysis, and a comprehensive review of the building's history. Through this process, we determine the most suitable underpinning method in Nashville, and across the country, tailored to the specific needs of your commercial property.

Our Approach to Underpinning Services

At United Structural Systems, our approach to underpinning is defined by a commitment to collaboration and a wealth of experience in delivering effective solutions. Recognizing each commercial property's unique challenges, we take pride in our ability to customize underpinning solutions. We believe in a collaborative process where our clients are integral to the decision-making journey. 

Understanding the complexities of structural concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your underpinning options in Nashville and neighboring states. Please call (615) 307-9510 today.


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