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Concrete Leveling in Franklin

Uneven concrete slabs are unsightly and dangerous. If your concrete is uneven, it’s only a matter of time before you or someone else trips and falls. Uneven concrete can happen just about anywhere in or around the home, including your driveway, steps, garage floor, sidewalk, pool deck, and more.

If you spot uneven concrete in any of these places, the first thing you should do is call United Structural Systems. Our concrete leveling experts in Franklin can restore your concrete to its original level position.

What Causes Concrete to Become Uneven?

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Our skilled Franklin concrete leveling team understands that the soil beneath your concrete is to blame for its unevenness. As soil naturally shifts, settles, or washes out, it leaves behind pockets of empty space beneath your concrete. With nothing to support your concrete, it inevitably sinks and settles.

Another common cause is frost heave. Frost heave is when the moisture content in the support soil freezes, forcing the soil to expand and lift the concrete slab until it’s no longer level. If you need driveway and sidewalk repair in Franklin, our concrete leveling experts are ready to help!

Concrete Patio Leveling in Franklin

USS of Franklin offers concrete patio leveling services and exceptional customer service. There may be other lifting contractors in Franklin, but you won’t find another with the extensive experience and friendly customer care like USS. If your patio is sinking, tilting, or uneven, it’s time to give us a call. We can lift and secure your patio in no time thanks to the innovative Polylift method. Our Franklin concrete patio leveling service restoration experts are here to give you back your priceless outdoor space so you can enjoy grilling and entertaining again. We provide the most durable, cost-effective, and longest-lasting concrete lifting in the industry.

When a concrete patio settles and isn’t properly repaired, it can become a serious hazard. It can cause improper water drainage, as well as potential trip and fall injuries. Our concrete patio leveling service team understands that if you want to take advantage of your outdoor living area, it’s important to have a patio that is safe, level, and secure! Concrete is prone to sinking over time, thanks to changes in the soil below. Even if the underlying soil is properly compacted, it is still susceptible to erosion due to repeated moisture changes. As the soil washes out or develops air pockets, it cannot evenly bear the heavy load of the concrete patio. In order to suitably fix this issue, you need something that addresses the soil, and that’s where Polylift comes in.

Franklin Sidewalk Leveling Services

USS is an expert concrete sidewalk leveling contractor serving Franklin, TN. Our repair and PolyLift services are cost-effective and will protect you from tripping over your sunken sidewalk! Hire the best team for concrete sidewalk leveling in Franklin! Here at USS, we’ve mastered the art of concrete repair and have helped thousands of homeowners like you over the past 30+ years in business. Your concrete walkways are a vital part of your curb appeal, but if they’re not properly maintained they can be quite an eyesore and quite a tripping hazard too. USS is here to help with our concrete sidewalk leveling contractor services here in Franklin.

Not every damaged walkway needs to be ripped out and re-poured. Thanks to the Polylift concrete repair method, most concrete slabs can be restored with ease! Total slab replacement, and even other methods like mudjacking, can be expensive, messy, and time-consuming, and you may end up with a sunken sidewalk again in a few years. We offer Franklin residents Polylift repair services as it is one of the only techniques in the industry that addresses the root cause of concrete settlement and can deliver long-lasting results!

What is PolyLift?

The PolyLift system is a concrete leveling method that uses polyurethane foam to support your uneven concrete. This system has minimal impact on the structural integrity of your concrete slab and can be installed in just a few minutes.

Using a durable polyurethane foam, our Franklin patio leveling service experts can accurately lift your concrete. This foam is injected underneath the patio, and it fills in any gaps as it expands and dries. Polylift is environmentally friendly and effective. Plus, it saves you the headache of future concrete repair. USS and our team of skilled lifting contractors in Franklin are proud to offer poly foam concrete leveling for patios and more.

Free Estimates on Concrete Leveling in Franklin, TN

For a free estimate of your driveway and sidewalk repair in Franklin, contact the concrete leveling experts at United Structural Systems today.

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