How to Communicate with Tenants About Foundation Repair

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Communication is the foundation of any productive relationship, and this is no less true for the relationships between rental property owners and their tenants.

The bottom line is that you want long-term tenants who can provide you with a reliable income, and your relationship with them plays a key role in that security. That’s why when you need to address foundation repairs on your rental property, knowing how to communicate effectively with them can avoid unfortunate misunderstandings and conflicts.

Be Honest & Upfront

Perhaps above all else, tenants appreciate landlords who are honest and upfront about repairs. You ultimately decide what you want to share, but it can go a long way to explain to your tenants why repairs are necessary, what kind of work will be involved, when you expect the repairs to happen, and what you expect of your tenants during this time.

Again, you don’t have to share all of the details – and you probably shouldn’t. The point here is that you should give your tenants all of the information they need and avoid being evasive when it comes to questions about how this will impact them.

Give Advanced Notice When Possible

No one likes an inconvenient surprise when they could have had notice weeks or months prior. Although your tenants may be inevitably inconvenienced by the foundation repair work your property needs, they will be grateful when you give them advanced notice.

Even if you don’t know any of the details of when the repairs will take place, communicating to your tenants that you intend to address the issue within a certain timeframe can give them the information they need to plan accordingly.

Listen to Your Tenants’ Concerns

As a landlord, you can do a lot to preserve and build trust between you and your tenants simply by listening to their concerns. While you may not be able to accommodate certain requests or answer specific questions, it’s important to let your tenants know that you’re willing to hear them out.

Consult with Your Contractor Regularly

Make sure you’re on top of everything when it comes to working with your contractor. Consult with them to make sure you understand the scope of work that must be done and how long it could take. Should either of these aspects change, communicating the new information to your tenants will be crucial.

By choosing United Structural Systems, you can get high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. In addition to getting the job done right, we can ensure that you have all the information you need to pass on to your tenants and maintain a productive relationship with them. You can rest assured and your tenants can feel secure knowing your property will be even stronger than it was when it was first built with a USS foundation repair.

For more information, contact United Structural Systems online now.

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