Step-by-Step Process of PolyLift Concrete Leveling: How Does It Work?

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As a homeowner, you may have experienced the frustration of unlevel concrete around your home, such as your driveway, walkway, or patio. Uneven concrete not only looks unappealing, but it can also be hazardous and cause accidents.

PolyLift concrete leveling is an effective solution to lift your concrete and address the issue. In this blog post, we'll go through the step-by-step process of PolyLift concrete leveling, including how it works and its benefits.

How Does the PolyLift Concrete Leveling Process Work?

PolyLift concrete leveling is an effective and efficient solution for lifting concrete around your home. The process is relatively quick and causes minimal disruption to your routine. The following is the step-by-step PolyLift concrete leveling process:

  • Step 1: Inspection and Preparation – Before PolyLift professionals start the leveling process, they need to conduct a thorough inspection of the area that needs to be lifted. They'll look for any underlying issues or structural damage to know if PolyLift is an appropriate solution. Once they confirm that PolyLift is a feasible option, they'll prepare the area by cleaning it, removing debris, and covering surrounding areas, if necessary, to avoid any mess or damage.
  • Step 2: Drilling and Injection – After preparing the area, the PolyLift technicians will drill small holes into the concrete, which will be used to inject polyurethane foam. The number and location of the holes depend on the size and shape of the concrete slab, and they'll ensure that the injection holes are strategically placed to allow for optimal coverage.
  • Step 3: Injection and Leveling – Once the holes are drilled, the PolyLift technicians will insert injection ports in the holes, and they'll use a special hose to inject the expanding polyurethane foam. As the foam fills the voids and gaps underneath the concrete, it will expand and harden, effectively lifting and leveling the slab. The foam also helps prevent further erosion underneath the concrete, ensuring long-lasting results.
  • Step 4: Clean-up and Finishing Touches – PolyLift concrete leveling is a fast process, and once the foam is injected and leveled, there's little downtime. Homeowners can walk on the repaired area within minutes. After the process is complete, PolyLift professionals will remove the injection ports and fill any remaining holes with caulk or grout. They'll also clean the area for a finished result that looks as seamless and professional as possible.
  • Step 5: Final Inspection and Maintenance – The PolyLift team will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the concrete slab is optimally lifted and stable. After they confirm satisfactory results, they'll provide you with instructions about how to maintain your concrete for long-lasting results. Regular maintenance of your concrete surfaces will help prevent future issues.

Is PolyLift Concrete Leveling Affordable?

Boost your home's safety and style with concrete leveling. At United Structural Systems, we know that you may feel like you can’t afford immediate repairs, but getting issues repaired as soon as possible is the key to avoiding more expensive repairs in the future. As a general rule, concrete repair is much less expensive than concrete replacement. That is why we offer concrete repair financing and flexible payment options for our valued customers. Be proactive and invest in your home today with our trusted concrete leveling services.

Looking for reliable concrete leveling services? Look no further. Our team of concrete leveling experts has you covered. Call us now at (615) 307-9510 or reach out to us online and we'll set up a free estimate at your convenience.

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