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Bowling Green Brick and Lintel Repair

Dependable Brick and Lintel Repair Solutions in Bowling Green, KY

Brick and lintel repair is a specialized form of masonry work that requires skill, precision, and experience. It involves repairing or replacing damaged bricks or lintels — the horizontal beam above a door or window frame — to restore structural integrity as well as aesthetic appeal to walls and other structures. Timely brick and lintel repair can help protect your home from further damage by preventing water infiltration, which can cause mold, mildew, rot, insect infestations, and even foundation problems. 

Whether you are dealing with cracked brickwork due to settling foundations or significant weather-related wear-and-tear on your home’s exterior, United Structural Systems offers the Bowling Green brick and lintel repair services needed to restore your property to its original condition. Our local, family-operated company’s commitment to excellence and getting the job done right the first time has made us the trusted repair solution for countless homeowners and businessowners throughout Kentucky. After inspecting your property, our highly trained technicians will walk you through what the problem is, what is causing it, and what we need to do to fix it. We will never sell you unnecessary repairs and are only interested in restoring the structural integrity and curb appeal of your building. 

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Can Cracked or Crumbling Bricks Be Repaired?

Foundation issues are often the cause of cracked or crumbling bricks. Soil erosion can weaken the foundation beneath the bricks and cause cracking as it shifts and moves around them. Water infiltration can also lead to cracking in bricks by causing moisture build-up within their structure, breaking down their integrity over time.

Cracked and crumbling bricks can generally be repaired, but the damage will reappear if the underlying foundation issues are not addressed first. Put another way, purely cosmetic restoration efforts are doomed to fail. That is why our Bowling Green brick and lintel repair services are included with foundation repair. Our team at USS is only interested in implementing fixes that work long-term.

Once we have taken care of the foundation issue that is harming your home or commercial building, we will rely on a technique known as “tuckpointing” to repair existing brick damage. This process involves filling in the cracks and gaps between bricks with new mortar, which helps reinforce the structure while also restoring its visual appeal. The process begins by removing any damaged or deteriorated mortar from between the bricks, then applying new mortar that matches the original material as closely as possible. Once all of the joints are filled in, they are troweled down so that they have a smooth finish before being allowed to cure completely. This not only restores structural integrity but also tends to drastically improve a building façade’s aesthetic value. 

What Causes a Garage Door Lintel Failure?

A garage door lintel is a horizontal beam that supports the weight of the brickwork above it. It helps to distribute the load evenly and prevent undue stress on any one part of the frame. These lintels can become damaged or fail due to some sort of fault, such as corrosion. Corrosion can be caused by exposure to moisture over long periods of time, weakening the lintel’s integrity and increasing its susceptibility to failure. 

Cracks appearing in bricks or the exterior wall above a garage door lintel is an early indicator that the lintel may be failing. As the damage worsens, the lintel will usually start to sag. Left unchecked, garage door lintel damage can create serious structural issues, as the garage door may become unbalanced and put excessive strain on other parts of its frame. This could lead to further damage, such as cracking in the walls or ceiling, due to uneven weight distribution. In addition, corrosion could spread throughout the rest of the structure, potentially leading to the weakening and eventual failure of other components. Therefore, you should immediately reach out to our Bowling Green brick and lintel repair experts when you discover any signs of damage or deterioration.

Can Damaged Garage Door Lintels Be Repaired?

When damage is caught and addressed early, a garage lintel can often be repaired. If damage has progressed and total failure is imminent, a total replacement may be necessary. Either process will involve loosening the screws holding the existing lintel in place and then carefully removing it from the wall. Once removed, we will inspect the area around it to ensure any corrosion or structural issues that may have caused the damage are sufficiently addressed. If necessary, a new lintel can be installed using either wood or metal components depending on the needs of the structure. The new or repaired lintel will be securely fastened into place, and we will ensure it is level, with no gaps, before we seal it with mortar to prevent water infiltration. To finish, we will repair any broken or damaged bricks surrounding the new or repaired lintel with tuckpointing for added strength and visual appeal. 

We understand that brick and lintel repair can represent a significant unexpected expense, which is why we offer financing plans and do not require payment until the work is completed. Call (615) 307-9510 or contact us online to learn more. 

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