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Clarksville Brick and Lintel Repair

Comprehensive Brick and Lintel Repair Solutions in Clarksville, TN

Preserving the structural integrity and aesthetic of your home or commercial building requires keeping a close eye on our façade’s brickwork and lintels. Without regular maintenance and repairs, the damage caused by water infiltration, corrosion, cracking, and wear and tear can lead to larger problems and costly repairs down the road. Proper maintenance requires specific, professional techniques that work to repair, reinforce, or replace damaged bricks and lintels.

At United Structural Systems, we have the experience, people, and resources to keep your brickwork and lintels in top shape. If you think your home or commercial building needs maintenance or attention, our Clarksville brick and lintel repair experts can conduct a thorough inspection, identify issues, and walk you through what work needs to be done to protect your investment. Our local, family-operated company is ready to show you why we are trusted by homeowners and businessowners throughout our community. We will never try to sell you unnecessary repairs and always guarantee our best. 

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Why Are My Bricks Cracking or Crumbling?

Bricks are a durable building material, but they can still be damaged by water infiltration or foundation issues. Water infiltration is often caused by poor drainage systems around the property that allow water to seep into the brickwork and cause damage over time. Foundation issues can also contribute to brick damage, as uneven settling of soil beneath the structure can lead to cracking and crumbling of masonry walls and foundations. Though harsh weather conditions such as extreme temperatures or heavy winds may result in erosion of mortar joints between bricks, water penetration or foundation problems are often the root cause of chronic cracking and crumbling brickwork.  

Addressing the cosmetic damage to brickwork is only a temporary, flawed solution if you do not resolve the underlying water infiltration or foundation issues. In other words, if you take the time and effort to repair cracks or crumbled brickwork but do nothing else, the damage is likely to return – and get worse. 

How Can Tuckpointing Help Fix Cracking or Crumbling Bricks?

Our Clarksville brick and lintel repair experts use a technique called “tuckpointing” to efficiently repair damaged brickwork. Tuckpointing involves the removal of old mortar from between bricks and replacing it with fresh, new mortar. The process begins by using a chisel and hammer to remove any loose material from the joint before filling it with new mortar. Once filled, the newly applied mortar must be allowed to set and cure before being smoothed down and left to dry completely. If especially damaged bricks require total replacement, we will use matching bricks to ensure a uniform look. With proper care, tuckpointing can help preserve your building’s structure while simultaneously improving its aesthetic value. 

Tuckpointing is not a standalone offering at USS but is included with our foundation repair services. Our comprehensive approach allows us to resolve the foundation or water infiltration problems causing the brickwork damage in the first place, after which we will restore your building’s façade to optimal condition. 

Why Is My Garage Door Lintel Failing?

A garage door lintel is a structural component that provides support for the weight of the door, helping to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly and securely. It consists of a reinforced metal or wooden beam which spans across the opening of the door and is secured at both ends by either brickwork, masonry, or other supporting elements. 

Unfortunately, even with proper maintenance, a lintel can fail due to various factors such as corrosion, sagging, or cracking of the material. Corrosion occurs when metal components are exposed to moisture in the air which causes them to weaken and eventually break down over time. Sagging happens when there is inadequate support for the weight of the door, leading to a deformation of the lintel structure. Cracking may also occur if a heavy object strikes the lintel or if too much pressure is applied as the result of a construction, installation, or maintenance error.

How Can My Garage Door Lintel Be Repaired?

When a garage door lintel becomes damaged, it is important to have an experienced technician repair the issue as soon as possible in order to ensure that your building remains safe and structurally sound. A damaged lintel can cause the garage door to become unstable and even potentially collapse if not addressed quickly. 

Watch out for cracks forming near the lintel, an early indicator of damage. Do not wait to reach out to our Clarksville brick and lintel repair experts if your garage door frame is actively sagging, as that is a sign of advanced damage that requires immediate intervention.

We are able to both repair and replace damaged garage door lintels. This process will typically involve using support props to temporarily remove the lintel. At this point, we will also usually install lag bolts and replace all adjacent bricks and mortar.

You will never be asked to pay until our work is done and you are fully satisfied. Financing plans are also available, so do not hesitate to call (615) 307-9510 or contact us online

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