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Franklin Brick and Lintel Repair

Tailored Brick and Lintel Repair Solutions in Franklin, TN

If you are a homeowner or businessowner, it is important to keep an eye on the condition of your structure’s bricks and lintels. Over time, these elements can start to crack, loosen, or become corroded due to weather, water infiltration, and foundation concerns. The resulting damage does more than tarnish your building’s façade: Ignoring these issues can lead to bigger problems down the line, including risks to structural integrity. Tackling brick or lintel damage early will ensure the safety of the building’s occupants while also avoiding the need for more expensive repairs.

Do not ignore crumbling bricks or a sagging garage door. United Structural Systems can provide the dependable Franklin brick and lintel repair services you need to keep your home or commercial building in top condition. Our local, family-operated business is known for always putting the customer first, operating at the highest levels of integrity, and guaranteeing our best. Our technicians get the job done right the first time and will work closely with you to help you understand why the solution is what a solution is. We will never try to sell you an unnecessary repair and work quickly but carefully to restore damaged bricks and lintels. 

Worried about the cost of brick and lintel repair? We offer financing plans and accept all major credits, so call (615) 307-9510 or contact us online to get a free, no-obligation estimate today. 

Why Your Brickwork May Be Cracking or Crumbling

Moisture problems are frequently the cause of brickwork damage. When bricks absorb moisture, they expand and become softer, weakening the structure. As the bricks dry out, they shrink back to their original size, which can cause them to crack or even crumble. This is known as thermal expansion and contraction. Additionally, when water gets into the mortar joints between the bricks, it can weaken them and cause them to crack or deteriorate. If left unaddressed, moisture-related issues can lead to more significant damage and necessitate costly repairs. 

Foundation issues are another common cause of brickwork cracking and crumbling. If the foundation of a building shifts or settles, it can cause the walls to move and shift as well, leading to cracks in the brickwork. In some cases, foundation issues can also lead to uneven settling of the building, which can cause the bricks to crack or even separate from each other.

Merely focusing on the cosmetic damage caused by cracking bricks is bound to fail if you do not determine and address the root cause of the problem. Our Franklin brick and lintel repair experts will conduct a professional inspection and identify underlying issues. From there, we will explain what is happening and the best course of action.

Our Brickwork Repair Services

Our professionals at USS are not interested in pursuing an ineffective solution that only offers a temporary fix to your brickwork problem. That is why we do not offer standalone brickwork repair solutions but instead include them with our foundation repair services, which come with a transferrable, no-hassle lifetime guarantee. By investing in foundation repairs, you address the underlying problem that is causing your bricks to crack and crumble.

Once your building’s foundation has been repaired and any moisture infiltration issues have been resolved, we generally turn to tuckpointing to deal with brickwork damage. Tuckpointing is a process that restores the mortar joints between your home’s or commercial building’s bricks. The technique involves removing the damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar that matches the color of the original. This helps to strengthen the brickwork and improve its appearance. Our technicians have the skill and precision required to ensure that the new mortar is properly applied and seamlessly blended in with the existing brickwork. 

What Are the Warning Signs of Garage Door Lintel Damage?

Your garage door lintel is the structural component that supports the weight of the wall above your garage door opening. This component is typically made of steel or concrete and is installed horizontally above the door to distribute the weight of the wall evenly across the opening. Lintels prevent the wall from sagging or collapsing due to the weight of the structure above it. Like brickwork, lintels can become damaged due to moisture problems and foundation issues, which can compromise their ability to support the weight of the wall. 

One of the most obvious signs of garage door lintel damage is visible cracks in the brickwork above the garage door opening. These cracks may be horizontal or vertical and can appear on one or both sides of the opening. You may also notice uneven gaps between bricks or a bulging appearance in the wall above the door. These are typically signs of early damage, but if you are having trouble opening and closing your garage door or if the garage door frame is sagging, the damage has advanced and may pose an immediate threat. Either way, you should get in touch with our Franklin brick and lintel repair professionals as soon as you notice any red flags.

Repairing and Replacing Damaged Garage Door Lintels

If damage to a garage door lintel is caught early, it may only need minor repairs, while advanced damage may necessitate a complete replacement. Our technicians at USS can assess the condition of your lintel and advise which approach is best. 

In a repair job, we will usually reinforce the existing lintel with additional steel or concrete supports, such as lag bolts. This involves cleaning the area around the damaged section and applying an epoxy adhesive to bond the reinforcement material to the existing lintel. After allowing sufficient time for the adhesive to dry, any cracks or holes in the lintel can be filled with a mortar mix and smoothed out.

If your garage door lintel needs replacement, we will first remove any damaged bricks and masonry above the garage door opening. Once the damaged area has been cleared, we will remove the old lintel and install a new one. This process involves measuring the opening and selecting a lintel that is strong enough to support the weight of your home's structure. After the new lintel is in place, we will fill any gaps between it and the surrounding masonry with mortar to ensure proper support.

Do not wait to get in touch if you think there may be something wrong with your garage door lintel. Financing plans are available, so call (615) 307-9510 or contact us online today!

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