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Floor Support

Is something feeling off about your floor? Have you recently discovered that your floors are uneven? Finding out that your floors are no longer level can be quite a strange surprise.

You might be wondering how it happened and if we can fix something like that. Thankfully, now that you’ve found United Structural Systems, you’re in luck. Our team offers Franklin floor support services and has the structural repair products and the expertise to provide lasting floor support. 

Why Your Floors Are Uneven

Uneven floors mark a significant shift in the structural integrity of your home. It’s no small matter, but it’s something we can fix before it gets worse. Floors can become uneven for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that your floors simply don’t have the support they need to hold themselves up like they used to. No need to worry if your home floors aren’t supported, we offer sagging and uneven floor repair in Franklin.


Moisture issues in below-grade spaces, like basements and crawl spaces, can have a big effect on your floors. If enough moisture gets into your basement or crawl space for long enough, wood rot and mold can eat away at the support joists holding up your floor. That’s why it is important to seek out floor support services in Franklin when necessary to fix current floor issues and prevent further damage to your property. United Structural Systems are experts in sagging and uneven floor repair in Franklin and are happy to assist you!

Pest Infestation

If wood-eating pests have worked their way into your home, it’s typically through the basement or crawl space. They will nest close to sources of moisture and begin feeding on the support beams and joists supporting the floor.

Settling Soil

Foundation settlement can shift the structure of your home from the bottom to the top causing a host of issues throughout your house. Walls and support beams can be pulled apart or compressed from the shifting and settling resulting in uneven floors. Before your floors can be made level again, the foundation settlement will need to be addressed. Our Franklin floor support service team can address settling soil issues and get your foundation back on track!

United Structural Systems Can Fix Your Floors

The team at United Structural Systems can fix the underlying issues causing your floors to be uneven. You can rely on our floor support services in Franklin to ensure your home has what it needs to stay level. Don’t wait to fix the problem. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. After a long enough period of time, your floors could potentially collapse.

Free Estimates on Floor Support in Franklin, TN

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  • “A fantastic result. When completed, this "crawl space" will become a 1500sf suite with 9'6" ceilings. Could not have done this without USS.” Rob B.
  • “Very satisfied customer and I’m able to sleep better during heavy rain not worrying about my crawl space anymore!” Steven F.

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