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Earth retention is a crucial aspect of maintaining stability in commercial structures. It involves holding soil in place or within defined boundaries to prevent potential hazards. The significance lies in averting the risks associated with unstable soil, as failure to do so can lead to structural issues in commercial buildings. The integrity of these structures relies heavily on the stability of the underlying soil. Unstable soil directly threatens commercial properties' structural integrity, leading to settling issues that can compromise safety and functionality.

Common challenges concerning soil retention include: 

  • Moisture levels: Excessive water can increase hydrostatic pressure which can impact soil stability, making it prone to shifting.
  • Erosion: The wearing away of the upper layer of soil is a common challenge that weakens the foundational support.
  • Ground shifting: Movements in the ground can cause soil to shift, posing a risk to the stability of structures.
  • Soil contraction and expansion: Fluctuations in moisture levels due to wet or dry conditions can cause the soil to contract or expand, further complicating stability.

At United Structural Systems, we recognize the role of earth retention in preserving the structural integrity of commercial properties in Nashville and across the US. Our skilled professionals are fully equipped to address soil-related challenges. We provide reliable earth retention services, believing in getting the job done right to offer our clients lasting peace of mind. You can trust USS to stabilize your commercial structures against the complexities of soil instability.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your commercial property soil challenges in Nashville and across the US by calling (615) 307-9510 or submitting an online contact form.

Various Solutions for Soil Retention

Addressing earth retention challenges demands a comprehensive approach involving a range of practical solutions. Various techniques, each tailored to specific conditions.

Below are some of the methodologies.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls stand as a fundamental solution for soil retention. A well-designed retaining wall prevents soil from shifting and allows efficient water drainage, mitigating the risk of water-related issues.

Retaining walls play a pivotal role in preventing soil erosion. They act as a barrier, preventing the gradual wear and tear of the upper layer of soil, which is particularly crucial in areas prone to erosion. By holding the soil steadfastly, these walls safeguard against the erosive forces of wind and water, making the ground more stable.

Sloped terrains pose inherent challenges to soil stability. Retaining walls provide a strategic solution by creating level platforms, effectively enhancing stability in sloped areas. This is vital for preventing landslides or structural settling when soil on slopes destabilizes. The walls serve as a stabilizing force, maintaining the equilibrium of the soil in diverse landscapes.

Gabion Walls

Gabion walls are functional and visually striking, leveraging the inherent strength of rocks held within wire mesh baskets. This unique construction style allows design flexibility while providing robust soil retention support.

The porosity of these walls is a key feature, making them highly effective in retaining areas that require drainage. Unlike solid barriers, the permeability of gabion walls allows water to pass through, reducing the risk of water buildup behind the wall. This design makes them an excellent alternative to traditional concrete walls.

The weight of the rocks within the gabion wall is a counterforce to the pressure exerted by the retained soil. This equilibrium enhances the overall stability of the soil, minimizing the risk of erosion or shifting. It provides a reliable solution for areas where maintaining soil integrity is critical.

Gabion walls contribute to the control of water run-off. By slowing down the speed of water, they help manage drainage effectively. This feature is particularly valuable in preventing erosion and minimizing the impact of heavy rainfall on the stability of the surrounding soil.

Redi-Rock Walls

Redi-Rock walls are characterized by massive one-ton concrete blocks designed for soil retention. These blocks, composed of wet-cast concrete, exhibit exceptional strength and durability. Notably, Redi-Rock walls are engineered to perform well in water applications, making them suitable for various soil retention scenarios.

The unique design of Redi-Rock walls allows them to be stacked upon each other to create towering structures, making them ideal for applications requiring substantial soil retention. These walls rely on the force of gravity to maintain stability, providing a reliable and efficient solution for preventing soil erosion and maintaining the integrity of landscapes.

One significant engineering advancement of Redi-Rock walls lies in their massive weight, which enables them to require less excavation during installation. This characteristic minimizes disturbances to the property while still delivering robust soil retention. The substantial weight of the concrete blocks contributes to the walls' effectiveness in holding back soil, reducing the need for extensive groundwork.

Segmental Walls

Segmental walls represent a modular approach to soil retention, featuring modular block retaining walls. These walls are designed for vertical grade change applications, effectively retaining soil on slopes or creating terraced landscapes. Segmental walls are constructed without mortar; dry-cast concrete units are placed strategically, relying on the unit-to-unit interface to resist overturning and sliding forces, creating stability.

Segmental walls are engineered for long-term durability for sustained effectiveness in soil retention. Using dry-cast concrete units contributes to their robustness, capable of withstanding environmental elements and the pressure of retaining soil. The unit-to-unit interface, designed to resist overturning and sliding, reinforces the long-term stability of these walls, making them a durable solution for commercial properties.

Tiebacks and Soil Nails

Soil nails function by distributing loads along the full length of the bar, providing comprehensive support to prevent soil movement. This application is crucial in areas where slopes need stabilization.

Tiebacks offer a unique design element consisting of grouting along a portion of their length, resulting in a free-stressing zone. This innovative feature creates an active anchor system that effectively resists movement. Tiebacks are typically utilized when lateral support is crucial, such as retaining walls.

Tiebacks and soil nails are engineered to for stability in diverse soil conditions. The adaptability of these systems makes them effective in addressing challenges posed by different soil types. Whether dealing with expansive clay soils or loose granular soils, the design and installation process considers the soil's specific characteristics to provide reliable stabilization. This adaptability makes tiebacks and soil nails versatile solutions for stability in various soil conditions.


Shotcrete is a construction material consisting of a cement and aggregate mixture. High-velocity air is used to apply it to surfaces pneumatically, typically slopes or retaining walls. This process produces a dense, durable layer for effective soil retention and stabilization.

The construction process involves pneumatically applying concrete onto a surface, creating a solid and durable layer. This layer serves as a protective barrier, resisting erosion and the potential for landslides. Shotcrete forms a strong bond with the underlying surface, creating stability in challenging terrains.

Shotcrete offers cost-effective soil retention solutions by allowing quick application. The pneumatically applied process speeds up construction, reducing labor and time costs. This efficiency makes shotcrete particularly advantageous for projects with time constraints.

Sheet Piles

Sheet piles are constructed from steel sheets with interlocking edges, forming a continuous, robust wall. The design allows for stabilizing soil in various applications.

Why Choose United Structural Systems?

With a deep understanding of various soil retention methodologies in Nashville and surrounding areas, including retaining walls, tiebacks, shotcrete, sheet piles, and more, we bring a wealth of insights to every project. Clients can trust our seasoned professionals to implement strategies to facilitate the stability and longevity of commercial structures.

Recognizing that every commercial property has unique needs, we offer tailored approaches across the US. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all; instead, we meticulously assess the specific requirements of each project. Whether it's a complex slope stabilization, the construction of retaining walls, or the application of shotcrete, our approach is customized to meet each commercial property's distinct challenges.

For reliable and customized soil retention solutions for your commercial building, take the first step toward stability. Contact our team today at (615) 307-9510.


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